3 Diff Hematology Analyzer- KT-6390 Plus

KT-6390 Plus is an innovative 3-PART fully auto hematology analyzer with Electrical impedance measure principle,
flow cytometry technology, intelligent anti-clog technology to ensure precise of the test results.
10.4'' IPS colorful touch screen display bring better experience to user. Easy Operation,
Fully function, Accuracy result, Reliable performance.

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Stable and Efficient :

60 samples per hour
Micro sample technology:  Only 9μL 
21 parameters, 3 histograms
2 Reagents Daily Use

Sensitive and Reliable : 

Highly integrated electrical & fluidic system and particular
modular design to enhance performance
Sensitive liquid detection technology by easy reagent
management system
Independent operating system, support BI-LIS transmission

Intelligent and Safe :

Anti-clog: high voltage burning, flushing, soaking
Alarm: Abnormal sample alarm, reagent abnormal alarm,
instrument failure alarm
One-button troubleshooting
Auto maintenance system, customized maintenance