Fully Automatic Chemistry Analyzer- StatChem 300

StatChem 300 is one of the best bench-top chemistry analyzers, which is flexible for small to medium
sized laboratories. By utilizing latest innovations, it’s a perfect combination of small footprint and
outstanding performance with a throughput up to 300 T/H. It features large capacity for reagents and sample, 24-hour non-stop cooling, stable heating for reaction, bilateral LIS etc., it is a compact chemistry solution for small laboratories and a back-up tool for mid-to-high end laboratories.  


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Key Features

  • Constant 240 T/H, up to 300 T/H 
  • 60 reagent positions; 60 sample positions , 81 reation positions
  • 6 step auto washing 
  • Line-type with 8 wavelengths, real dual-wavelength testing
  • Probe liquid level detection, collision, bubble and clot detection
  • Auto-rerun, auto-serum index, auto-dilution
  • Auto-reflexive testing