5 Diff Hematology Analyzer- KT-6500

We understand 3 diff hematology analyzer has some limited functions compared
with 5 diff hematology analyzer, for example, middle cells can’t be distinguished, no
flag information help diagnosis, etc.

With the development of healthcare, users demand more on the clinical reports help
to know their body better, but 5 diff hematology analyzer is really a budget for small
lab, hospital, clinics etc. That is why our KT-6500 is developed.

KT-6500 is an innovative, economic, compact 5-diff hematology analyzer with 60
samples/hour, it is designed to provide 25 parameters, 3 histograms and 3
scattergrams to help to diagnose disease. Users are able to clearly understand the
clinical significance of flags and make a decision.

Small size, less reagents, low reagent consumption is another competitive features
for the market. High-efficient operation procedure to help our users minimize their

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High efficiency and convenience
60 samples per hour, minimize your workload
Build-in barcode scanner help you recognize sample and transfer patients
information and results more efficiently.
Running capillary blood directly is more convenient for pediatric diagnosis in children

Complete diagnostic solution
3 reagents only (2 LYSEs, 1 DILUENT), cost-effective, less consumption LYSEs are
located in the machine to save more space.

Powerful software management
A totally new designed software help users to interact with instrument more friendly
Store 50,000 results, large memory
Real-time monitoring reagent, voltage, temperature status

Intelligent design
Intelligent software menu for hardware diagnosis
Advanced high voltage and flush to remove blockage automatically

Reliable results
Long lie semi-conductor laser to differentiate WBC into 5 parts
Ceramic syringe to assure precise reagent or sample asiparation to get accurate

Exported famous liquid parts to control liquid flow, simplified liquid system to lessen
break-down rate